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Welcome to the podcast that takes you back in time to Tombstone, Arizona. Listen as historian Sherry Monahan shares the inside stories of the "Town Too Tough to Die." 


Topics will include anything and everything about this historic western town, but will often include food or drink since that's Sherry's passion.


Sherry Monahan began her writing career when she combined her passion for food, travel, and history. She penned her first book, Taste of Tombstone, in 1998. That same passion landed her a monthly magazine column in 2009 when she began writing her food column in True West entitled, Frontier Fare. Now, in 2022, she's released a new book called, The Tombstone Cookbook.

Sherry is a culinary historian who enjoys researching the genealogy of food and spirits.

She and her husband own 40 acres of ranch land just outside of Tombstone.